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MEPC adopts mandatory GHG measures

21 Jul 2011

The International Maritime Organization reports that the recent

MEPC 62 meeting agreed mandatory measures to reduce emissions of

greenhouse gases (GHGs) from international shipping. The measures

were adopted by the parties to MARPOL Annex VI represented in the Marine

Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) meeting at IMO HQ in London

for its 62nd session from 11 to 15 July 2011. IMO says this represents the

first ever mandatory global greenhouse gas reduction regime for an

international industry sector. The amendments to MARPOL Annex VI add a

New chapter 4 on regulations on energy efficiency for ships, to make

mandatory the energy efficiency design index (EEDI), for new ships, and the

ship energy efficiency management plan (SEEMP) for all ships. Other amendments to Annex VI add new definitions and the requirements for survey and certification, including the format for the international energy efficiency certificate. The regulations apply to all ships of 400gt and above and are expected to enter into force on 1 January 2013.

The EEDI is a non-prescriptive, performance-based mechanism that leaves the choice of technologies to

use in a specific ship design to the industry. As long as the required energy-efficiency level is attained, ship

designers and builders would be free to use the most cost-efficient solutions for the ship to comply with the

regulations. The SEEMP establishes a mechanism for operators to improve the energy efficiency of ships.

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MEPC, at its 62nd meeting, agreed to make the

EEDI mandatory for new ships, and the SEEMP

mandatory for existing vessels